Purchaser´s guide

If you have decided to buy a home, contact with LANTANA SPAIN PROPERTIES.

First, know the steps to take:

1.Why would you buy a home? To live there on holidays or periods of time. In order to be your main residence. As an investment in the medium to long term.

2.How much are you prepared to pay? What are your actual possibilities? You must know the state of the market, especially, if you need a mortgage loan. You also have to keep in mind that, to the price of housing, you could have to add other expenses and fees:

  • a) Value-added tax
  • b) Notary fees
  • c) Registration fees of property
  • d) Other fees and legal taxes.

LANTANA SPAIN PROPERTIES could inform you of these details. We could accompany to visit the chosen place of purchase. We could offer contacts with different Banks, in order to compare and negotiate your mortgage, if you need one. That´s important, because the delay on the concession of the mortgage could hold up the purchase.

3.Make sure you have the following documents:

  • a) Passport, ID card (DNI) , Tax identification number (NIF)
  • b) Buyer agreement signed
  • c) Power of attorney

4.From our services you could access to the best offers. At the moment when the seller accepts your offer, you must deliver a deposit like a guarantee. As well, the writing and signing of the contract will start.

5.When you have the contract, read it in detail, asking for clarifications of any question that you don´t understand or desagree. Your lawyers will close the deal with the deeds and the property registration in your name, and also, the check for the agreed price. LANTANA SPAIN PROPERTIES could suggest you lawyer´s offices with all our reliability.

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