Seller´s guide

You have decided to sell your home and wants to count with LANTANA SPAIN PROPERTIES. These are the steps to follow:

1. Evaluate the state of your home, the reforms you had done, the location and the market price in the area. The last point is very important, so that if the purchaser needs a mortgage, he will receive an evaluation of his bank.

2. The following documents are necessaries:

  • a) Copy of the Deeds.
  • b) Copy of the Property Tax bill (IBI).
  • c) Copy of the last bills of light and water.
  • d) Copy of the last bill of the resident´s association.
  • e) Copy of the ID Card (DNI) or Tax Identification Number (NIE).
  • f) Copy of the certificate of occupancy.
  • g) Copy of the energetic certificate.

3. When you decided to sell your home counting with LANTANA SPAIN PROPERTIES, we will sign a detailed,clear and precise agreement.

We will incorporate your offer to important information portals, nationals and internationals.

4. The visits of the possible purchasers to your home will be personalized, always with one of our agents, previous presentation through graphic material produced by our agency. We recommend the maintenance and cleaning of the property to sell, the image is very important to reduce the time of sale and set the final price.

5. When we have buyer, we will check their solvency and criminal records. We will discuss the final price and the way to pay, depending on the opinión and flexibility of the seller, the handover of the keys, and the previous deposit that guarantees the buying and selling, always with the agreement of both parts.

6. Once the sale is formalized, we offer all the administrative managements: Notary, Property Registration, the tranfers of titles, as well as Law Firms with all our reliability, if you need it.

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